About DL

We represent meticulous attention to detail and exquisite quality; a brand inspired by the undeniable elegance of Italian style & sprezzatura.

We believe the biggest commercial difference between the realm of tailoring and the great fashion houses lies in the manner in which their products are marketed. While tailors have been very quality oriented and been merchants on the physical and thereby waived the necessary appeal and the potential to interest their clients in the style and charm of modern luxury, the fashion industry have been proficient in encapsulating a way of being and been merchants of stories and emotions.
Our aim is to elevate tailoring, contribute to a sartorial renaissance and imbue it with some of the opulence and evocativeness inherent to the broader luxury sector - but to do so whilst preserving artisanal integrity.

  'Bottle and Fishes' - Georges Braque

'Bottle and Fishes' - Georges Braque


In Cubist artwork, objects are analyzed, broken up and reassembled in abstract forms. Instead of depicting objects from a single point of view, the artist depicts the subject from a multitude of viewpoints to present the subject in a greater context.
That is, to some extend, what happened with the birth of the Neapolitan Tailoring School; to interpret male elegance from a multitude of viewpoints to represent, in this instance, the jacket in a greater context - to take into account both climate, comfortability, elegance and artistic skill.

The Neapolitan Tailoring School came to life in a city that was the capital of male elegance. Royalty, nobility and gentlemen from all over the world travelled to Naples to enjoy the city and its rich culture. While, in defiance of the warm and salty climate of the Mediterranean seaport, the classic English elegance was the most apparent in the early 1900's a Neapolitan tailor revolutionized the way of tailoring by ridding his jackets of all padding and lining until only the absolutely necessary remained and thereby freeing it from the rigid English tradition. That allowed for a softer and more lightweight jacket that would fit like a second skin. But not only did he change the construction of the jacket, he also added some unusual, distinctive features such as the rounded shape of the patch pockets, the boat shaped chest pocket with a curved pocket welt, among other things, not only making the clothes extremely elegant but also somewhat understated.


Our clothes are made in the art of Neapolitan Tailoring and we pay particular attention to detail and the quality of our clothes. All of our clothes are exclusively made in Italy and of some of the finest fabrics available from wool mills such as Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Holland & Sherry, Drapers and many more. Tessitura Monti makes the fabrics for the shirts.
Milano horsehair lines the canvas and Faro silk is used for buttonholes and hand stitching.

All of our suits and jackets are at least made with a half canvas construction. Shoulders and lapels are hand stitched and the buttons are made of mother of pearl. We also offer suits and jackets with a full canvas construction, entirely handmade.

For shirts we have three different lines: The classic shirt, the gold model and our luxury edition – Naples style handmade.

We recognize the value of a timeless, functional design with a high level of detail together with the selection of the finest materials and outstanding craftsmanship. In 2014 our manufacturer became recognized as one of the eight best Italian Artisan Craftsmanship Companies.